May 2015

Whatsapp Raising Threats For Skype

So, WhatsApp has now got voice calling,and so obviously others which are meant for the same purpose have seen a little bit of cut down on usage. WhatsApp is now self sufficient. May be sometime soon we’ll hear news about WhatsApp having video calls as well. That is indeed not very far! And whenever that […] Read more

Email Marketing Tips For Small Business

Email has been there, since the birth of internet. Many marketers think that Emails have lost their essence, but it is not so. Marketing with email is very influential for small business. Emails are a great way to communicate with your customers without spending an enormous amount of money. It is more effective than advertisements. […] Read more

Upgrade Your Sound System

When you take your music seriously, there is nothing more important than having a speaker system that delivers the best music quality that you can afford. When you have a sound system that has blown speakers or lower levels of sound quality, there is no way that your music is being done its justice. The […] Read more

The Canon Camera Became A Worldwide Hit

The canon camera is becoming global leader in the photo industry, and there are a wide range of cameras from entry-level to high-end professional models. The canon cameras can be divided into two broad models like the Canon EOS for SLR models and Canon PowerShot. The canon cameras are perfect for beginners to expert because […] Read more

Busting Few Myths About SaaS HR Software

The business industry has evolved and it demands the business owners to become much more open to the ever-developing environment. Today, a business can only taste victory when it’s well aware with the technological developments and is ready to accept the same. One of such technologies is Software as a Service (SaaS). It has a […] Read more