August 2015

How Healthy Living Can Save You Money

Saving money is a goal that people all over the world strive for every single day. Everyone wants to get the most for each dollar they have and live a comfortable lifestyle. One common area where people often sacrifice to save money is their health. Even though most people think the opposite is true, living […] Read more

GMAT Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for GMAT does not have any particular criteria. The general GMAT eligibility criteria is that the candidate has to be a graduate. Apart from that every university has their own GMAT criteria. Byju’s classes has one of the highest success rates around the world as well as in India for competitive exams like […] Read more

How To Decide When You Need Plastic Bottles?

plastic, bottlesPlastic bottles made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) are highly valued in the laboratory because they are lightweight, strong and shatterproof. PET’s pharmaceutical and medical applications are recognized by laboratories worldwide. PET contains no lead, cadmium, dioxins, phthalates or endocrine disruptors. PET is resistant to bacterial microorganisms and it reusable and recyclable. The Science Behind […] Read more

5 Main Types Of Microarrays Used

With the inception of microarrays, their applicability has also evolved. Where there was the simple concept of microarrays being discussed at one time, now there are numerous types used for different purposes. While there are cheaper methods, there are those that have not been made commercially feasible so far. The latter are being worked upon […] Read more