Eco Friendly And Green Living Lifestyle

In today’s rushing world, people are trying to focus more on living a ‘better’ and ‘healthier’ life. This includes protecting and saving the environment. Unfortunately, our environment has already destroyed, the air is polluted, and some big countries are really effecting the environment in a negative way. That is why people should be more aware […] Read more

2 Post Server Rack Solutions And Tips

The advantages of a two post server racking system for computer network hardware is probably not the most immediate thing a company manager over an IT section thinks of. Instead, issues like scalable bandwidth, data storage, performance and security come to mind a lot faster. However, two post systems can be highly flexible as well […] Read more

Diamond Exploration In Canada: A Brief Overview

Diamond exploration in Canada is mostly focused on discovering deposits of kimberlite. Kimberlite is the primary host rock for diamonds in Canada. A mineralogical and chemically distinct point source, kimberlite may yield discrete dispersal trains in glacial sediments. On average, only 1 in every 200 kimberlites discovered contains a sufficient number and value of diamonds […] Read more